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Current Fishing Conditions


The following are the current fishing conditions, as reported by Captain Mike.  Be sure to check back frequently to see when the fishing action on Lake Erie is at it's best!


Captain's Log / Fishing Conditions
8/17/2012 Walleye fishing continues to be very good most days weather permitting. We are nearing our 1,000th walleye for the year!
6/16/2012 3 trips in the last 2 days produced 46 walleyes and 4 steelhead. Several walleye were over 8 pounds, one of the steelhead was 14 pounds.
6/10/2012 5 trips the last 3 days produced 86 walleye.
5/27/2012 First alleye trip of the year, finished 12 for 16.
5/19/2012 Last 3 lake trout trips were productive with a 20 pound plus fish on 19 May.
4/7/2012 Went 21 for 28 on the Lake Trout today.
10/23/2011 Fished from Walnut to Trout Run nearshore for steelies. Finished 15 for 28.
10/9/2011 The last few trips have been for near shore steelhead and have been producing decent numbers of fish. An 11 pound steelhead has been the largest so far. Next schleduled trip is for 22 October.
9/24/2011 Caught the last few walleye of 2011 today then fished near-shore for some really nice brown trout, steelhead, and smallmouth bass.
9/17/2011 Fished towards the Ohio line today in the 70 foot range. A little slow on the walleye plus a lotta junk fish. 6 ounces in front of sticks was best.
9/11/2011 Same area as yesterday but a little further west. Same program, but a lot of rough fish to wade through to get to the walleye. Finished 1 short of a 3 person limit, although one fish was nearly 10 pounds.
9/10/2011 Fished for perch in the am, then off Walnut in the 70 foot depths for walleye. 18 walleye and 70 perch were caught. Leadcore (5 colors) off the boards was best today.
9/4/2011 Same area and tactics as previous, 2 person limit of walleye plus a jumpy fish around 11am. Dropped 4 or 5 right behind the boat.
9/3/2011 Another great day off the point of Presque Isle, hot and humid, 93 degrees, but we managed 28 eyes and 7 steelhead.
8/29/2011 Fished Friday, twice on Saturday, and Monday. Had great success in the same area until Monday, which was a little slow.
8/21/2011 Did well (15 walleye a nd a steelhead), until lightning bolts and waterpouts, of which 9 were counted at one point, showed. We went north to avoid the storm then resumed fishing, which was slower afterward.
8/20/2011 The offshore caranage continued today with perhaps the best day of the year. 36 walleyes and 7 steelhead made it to the box. The lid had to be held down on the way in to prevent escapture. I officially have a new lucky hawaain shirt.
8/17/2011 Fished off the point today,after a late start (9am) we managed 27 walleyes, 7 steelhead. One of the steelhead was a Loco record 33 inch 17 pound weight on a certified scale weighed on 19 August.
8/15/2011 Fished off the point in 92-102 feet of water. Although it was rough, 4-6 footers at one point, we managed 17 eyes and 4 steelhead.
8/13/2011 Fished along the Ohio line today. After a good morning bite, fishing slowed due to a full moon. Still managed a half-box using the normal program.
8/7/2011 Ran to an undisclosed western location today and boxed 26 walleye after dodging some am thunderstorms and waterspouts. Normal program.
8/6/2011 Same area as the previous weekend but a little slower today, only 15 hook-ups. 2 walleye were in the 9lb. range however.
7/31/2011 Same area, tactics, results as Saturday 30 July. No steelies today though.
7/30/2011 Fished the same area as the am trip with similar results. Catch included 5 steelhead as a bonus.
7/30/2011 Fished north of the Condos today with Big George and crew. Finished with 24 waldos plus 1 steelhead. Several walleye were in the 9 to 11.5 pound range. Normal program.
7/25/2011 Boxed 108 walleyes for the 5 trips from Wednesday to Sunday at various locations around the the lake.
7/17/2011 Boxed 70 eyes in the last 3 trips all northwest of Walnut Creek. Reef runners off the boards caught 90% of the fish with a few off the downriggers. Highlights included a 9 pounder Fri., an 11 and a 10 on Sat., and a near 11 pounder Sun.
7/11/2011 Went west of Walnut today, 18 eyes, most off the boards with a few rigger fish mixed in. Anice day on the water.
7/10/2011 A little slow today, 10 eyes off the point, 78-83 ft. Same program.
7/9/2011 18 eyes today west of Walnut in the 72-75 foot range. Clean Reefs and 2 ounce wieghted Reefs took most of the fishes. Caught 120 perch in the evening trip, 50 ft. north of Walnuts.
7/3/2011 Caught a few walleye then had the misfurtune of having a seawater pump sieze up ending our day. We will be up and running by Friday night 8 July.
7/2/2011 Caught a 3 man limit in 75 feet of water today with the normal tactics. 7 citation fish were caught.
6/26/2011 After cancelling Saturdays trips due to wind/ and waves we got both trips in today. 26 walleyes on the first trip including 7 citation fish. A little slower on the half day evening trip, 8 fish, with 6 coming in the last 45 minutes.
6/24/2011 Caught a 3 person limit off Walnut by 9:30. Normal program.
6/18/2011 PM trip. same area as we finished the morning trip. 22 walleye, 5 more over 8 with the largest being 11 1/4 pounds.
6/18/2011 Had to look around a little bit but got into the walleye on the Ohio line in 45-50 feet of water. 20 eyes, inc. 5 over 8 pounds, largest 11 pounds.
6/17/2011 Fished in the 42 foot range from Walnut to Clay banks today. 11 walleyes and about 120 sheepshead.
6/12/2011 Fished the same area as Saturday nite. 18 walleyes met thier death including a 10 1/2 pounder.
6/11/2011 2 trips today.Caught 15 near the Ohio line in the a.m. then caught 10 walleyes in a 1/2 day p.m. trip off Walnut. Same tactics and program.
6/5/2011 Fished the Clay Banks to Elk the last 2 days. 18 walleyes on Saturday 12 on Sunday with several hogs in the 8, 9 pound range.
5/30/2011 4 lakers off the mountain today, a little slower than the bite had been.
5/28/2011 Aprox. 40 perch in 2 1/2 hours off Conneaut Harbor today.
5/22/2011 Fished for lakers today off Northeast, PA this weekend. After a late start Saturday and a full day Sunday we managed 17 including an approximate 23-24 pounder.
10/17/2010 Fished 3 to 4 foot rollers today mostly in front of Trout Run. Finished with 12 hook-ups and 4 fish landed.
10/10/2010 Really nice day, finished 9 for 14 on the jumpy fish today near shore. Hoping to get one more weekend in before putting the boat away for the winter.
10/9/2010 Managed 50 or so perch plus a few steelhead in some bumpy water today.
10/2/2010 Fished for steelhead near shore today, finished the day 4 for 10.
9/27/2010 Ran to the Ohio line for problably the last walleye trip of the year. Managed 12 eyes before heavy Northeast winds caused 4-6 foot waves caused an early end to the trip.
9/26/2010 Fished off Trout Run in 65 feet for perch today. Aprox. 100 perch and 4 steelhead near shore in the afternoon.
9/18/2010 Fished the Ohio line today. Green Flash was the top lure today.
9/11/2010 Fished off Elk Creek today, same program. 4 man limit by noon.
8/29/2010 After having to cancel the last 2 trips due to weather conditions we caught 48 the last 2 days. Same tactics as previous.
8/21/2010 Same general area and tatics resulted in 33 walleye victims today plus an 8 pound steelhead. Bare naked and Helmet were the best colors of choice.
8/15/2010 Fished the same area as Saturday night with the same results.
8/14/2010 Fished the evening bite due this mornings high wind/waves. Finished with a 4 man limit in 3 hrs. Weighted Reef Runners off the boards did the damage again.
8/9/2010 Fished out of Conneaut, Ohio today. Well over 50 hook ups and numerous fish in the box. Weighted Reef Runners off the boards caught the most fish.
8/8/2010 Rough water returned again today, 3-5/4-6 footers. Got a 4 man limit with weighted Reef Runners.
8/7/2010 The lake calmed down and we finished early with a 5 person limit. At one point we had 10 out of 12 rods go off in a 20 minute peroid. We landed all 10.
8/6/2010 Fished the evening bite in rough water, 3-5 footers. Finished a half day trip with 14 walleyes and a 10 pound plus steelhead.
8/1/2010 Fished the last 2 days from the back of the First trench to the Canadian line, 48 walleyes and 2 steelhead caught with the same program. Also caught a bonus catfish off the boards Friday.
7/25/2010 Thunderstorms and heavy rain forced us in by 7am today.
7/24/2010 Fished east of Walnut in rough water, 3-5 foot. Managed 4 limits including a 12 1/2 pound steelhead.
7/18/2010 Started where we left off Saturday cut the fish moved way east. Got them good once we found them, 5 man limit running our standard program.
7/17/2010 Got a 4 man limit on the Ohio line today. Wieghted sticks off the boards again.
7/11/2010 Fished the same area as 10 July with similar results. Also caught our first steelhead of the season.
7/10/2010 Fished off the point today and had similar results. 4 man limit with several 7 to 8 pounders.
7/5/2010 Maybe the best day ever by weight for the Loco-Loco. A 12 1/4 pounder, 2 10's, two 9's an 8 and several 7 pounder walleye for an aprox. total of 170-180 pounds. Weighted sticks took most of the fish.
7/4/2010 Moved west and really got into a reat walleye bite. Finished with a 4 person limit and several that escaped. Same general tactics as previous days.
7/3/2010 We did well until 10 am, then the bite ceased. Finished with 12 eyes, largest being 9 1/2 pounds. Total weight was aprox. 80 puonds.
6/27/2010 Fishing remains very good. Same program and tactics the last 2 days resulted in 55 walleye victims.
6/20/2010 Carbon copy of 19 June. Finished with 4 limits, aprox 125 pounds of walleye. Several doubles and triples. Weighted Reef Runners and Bango's were responsable for the catch.
6/19/2010 Really did well today...26 walleyes, of which 20 were in the 5 to 7 pound range. The final tally was a box of walleye well over 150 pounds. Most ot the fish were taken off the boards with weighted Bangos and Reef Runners. Great Success!
6/12/2010 First walleye trip with the new boat. Fished towards the Ohio line in 27-34 feet of water. Hooked aprox. 30-32 and landed 24 including an 8 1/2 pounder. Bango's and reef runners off the boards did the trick.
5/29/2010 Aprox. 40 perch off the point today in 27-32 f.o.w.
5/22/2010 First trip of the year and new boat. Wind, rain, and bad ju-ju combined for a slow day. On the positive side all systems are working well on the boat.
10/24/2009 Fished the creek mouths for steelhead today. Finished the day 3 for 11 before the wind started blowing and roughed the lake up. This is the last trip of the year, thanks to all who fished with me this year. See you all next year.
9/27/2009 Problably the last walleye trip of the year.Used the same tactics as previous,nearly 3 tickets before the lake became rough.
9/26/2009 Fished the creekmouths for steelhead today.Near-shore activities should only improve with this week's rain.
9/20/2009 Same area and tactics as previous,12 walleyes,2 steelhead in a half day.Nearly all of the eyes came off the boards with weighted Reef Runners.Alot of sheephead mixed in as well.
9/13/2009 A lot of boat traffic,but we managed a 4 man limit by noon.Most of the fish were 5-6 pounders.Weighted reef runners off the boards caught 80% of the fish.
9/6/2009 Same area,same program,same results as the previous 2 days.We also were lucky enough to land 2 more 8 pound plus fish,plus a 9 1/2 pound walleye.
9/5/2009 4 man limit by 1 pm,same program,wieghted Reef Runners off the boards.Three of the fish were over 8 pounds,including a32", 9 pound 13 ounce monster walleye.
9/4/2009 Took awhile today but we were able to punch 3 tickets of walleyes.A few off the riggers,but most were caught with Reef Runners off the planer boards.
8/29/2009 Punched a couple of tickets of walleyes today in the same area as 28 Aug. before the wind and waves picked up.4-6 average by 1 pm made the ride home interesting!
8/28/2009 Fished aboard the "Lucky Penny" with Capt.Kevin Battista today.Best day of the year,over 40 hook-ups,landed 26 by 10:30 am.Weighted Reef Runners off the boards did the trick.
8/24/2009 Fished off the point for "jumpy fish" today.
8/22/2009 Decent pick of walleyes most of the day including another 9 plus pounder and a steelhead.
8/17/2009 Limited on walleyes around noon,some dipsey fish but most were caught with Bagley's and 5 ounces of lead off planer boards.
8/16/2009 Good again today but a little slower.Also caught 3 bonus "jumpy fish"(steelhead))
8/15/2009 Best day of the year so far,4 person walleye limit,several 6-8 lbers plus a 10 plus hog.
8/14/2009 Fished west of Walnut in 68 fow,3 person limit of walleye by 11 am.
8/9/2009 Fished a great walleye bite out of Conneaut,Ohio the last 2 days.
8/6/2009 First good walleye day we have had in a while.Highlights included several 6-7 pounders and a monster 10# hog walleye. Also we witnessed several waterspouts.
8/5/2009 Caught several limits of perch off Walnut the last two days.
8/3/2009 Steelhead action has slowed in deep water the last two days.Heavy winds on 2 August may have blown them further offshore.
8/1/2009 Fished the deep water off th point today with similar results with the steelhead.
7/26/2009 Fished deep water again and hooked 22-25 steelhead plus 4 walleye including a nice 9 pounder.
7/24/2009 After waiting out some thunderstorms we really punished the steelhead out in deeper water.Largest was nearly 13 #'s,the steelies are really feeding out there.Also managed 4 walleye and killed 2 huge Lamprey that were attached to the steelies.
7/18/2009 Ran a trip for Capt.Brian aboard Something Catchy 1 today.We fished near shore for the walleye.Had a nice day on the lake in spite of the waves that at one point reached 4-6 foot averages.
7/12/2009 The severe thunderstorms that rolled through yesterday really turned the walleye off today as we struggled to catch 6 today.Near shore,deep water it didn't matter.The fishes were there but did not want to eat.
7/9/2009 Had a good day near-shore,many walleyes and a ton of large sheepshead.
7/5/2009 A little slow today,fished near-shore in the am and offshore later in the day for 10 walleyes.The fish seem to have scattered somewhat and problably need a few days to re-school.
7/4/2009 The lake finally settled down in the afternoon after being unfishable the previous 2 days and we whacked them near shore,12 eyes in a little over 2 hours.
6/28/2009 Fished the first half of the day nearshore,10 walleye.Finished the day in 48 fow,aprox. 70 perch.
6/27/2009 Fished near-shore today and really slammed them again.Aprox. 40 hook-ups,24 in the box. Walleye fishing is hot with a 4-6 pound average weight.
6/26/2009 Really slammed the waldos today,3 tickets by 11 am.Water temp is 67 deg.,the bite should be good for awhile now.
6/21/2009 Fished near-shore for walleyes today and had a pretty decent day,two tickets.Hopefully with a warm week things will get going.
6/14/2009 Fished near-shore Saturday for walleyes and also caught several bonus 4-5 pound smallmouth.Sundays trip was highlighted by an 11-pound eye.Walleye fishing should continue to improve with warming tempertures.
6/7/2009 Near-shore walleye fishing is getting started and should improve with warming tempertures.
5/31/2009 Had to cancel todays walleye trip due to high wind/waves.
5/30/2009 We had a great perch day today running Something Catchy 1 with Capt.Brian Mills.Between the two boats we caught aprox. 140 perch.There were many happy Boy Scouts on board today.
5/24/2009 Fished Saturdat and Sunday for lakers,although fishing was a little slow a great time was had by all.With the warming temps we are going to start concentrating on walleye fishing.
5/9/2009 Had to quit a little early today due to high wind and waves.Highlights of the trip were a 9# walleye and a good-sized lake trout.
5/2/2009 Another laker trip out of Northeast PA.We had great weather and finished the day with 3 lakers,2 big walleye,largest was 9.25 lbs.(we lost another big one at the boat),and a steelhead.
4/26/2009 We fished out of Northeast Marina.Sunny and warm in the morning,foggy and cold midday and sunny again in the afternoon.We did manage 3 lakers in the 14 pound range,a 10 lb. steelie, and 2 walleyes in the 10#range that we had to throw back.
4/12/2009 Fished in the bay again for steelies,34 degrees at start.After hooking a quick 7 and landing 5 the bite really slowed and we called it a day.
4/11/2009 First trip of the year in my boat.Fished in the bay,hooked 10 steelhead landed 8.
4/5/2009 Fished in the bay aboard Buckets 3 with Captains Dan and Ken.Hooked 6 steelies in about 2 hours.
10/19/2008 Fished the morning in front of Walnut,hooked 6 landed 5. Spent the late morning and afternoon in front of Elk and really smacked them,hooked 15 landed 10.Finished the day 15 for 21,very respectable.
10/18/2008 Fished in front of Walnut for most of the day. Hooked 12 steelies and landed 5.
9/28/2008 Took my first ever trip on the Edward John. Fishing was a little slow but Captain John and crew made it a fun evening.
9/27/2008 Fished with Captain Dan and Curtis of Buckets Charters in the same area as 26-September, same results.
9/26/2008 Fished in the first ditch off Elk Creek today. Nearly 3 limits in 1/2 day of fishing.Good to very good walleye fishing continues.
9/21/2008 Fished the Ohio line,70-74 feet today,pretty decent bite.
9/20/2008 2 boat trip todaywith Captain Matt of Chasin Steel Charters. Finished with nearly 4 limits of walleye,including 5 citation fish.
9/13/2008 Fished in the middle of the first trench in the pouring rain. Nearly 2 limits of walleyes plus a couple steelhead in 3 hours of fishing.
9/7/2008 Fished in the same area as 6 Sept. Really good bite until weather conditions chased us off the lake.68-74 feet.
9/6/2008 Fished off Elk Creek tonite,70-74 ft. 3 tickets in 4 hrs,really good bite.
8/30/2008 Fished the backside of the mountain 29 Aug to 1 Sep 5 trips total with limits of walleye. Only catching 1 or 2 steelies per trip though.Top fish went to Otie Thompson on 30 Aug.,a 9 1/2 pound hawg walleye that took a good 20 minutes to land.
8/23/2008 Fished off the Point today in 88-95 feet of water, only 1 steelie but 3 tickets of eyes,4 over 8 lbs.
8/22/2008 Fished the 68-74 foot range today from the Ohio line to Elk Creek. A little slow,most fish were caught deep.
8/17/2008 Fished the same area as 16-Aug,good day nearly 4 limits.
8/16/2008 2 trips today, fished a little south of the first trench near the Ohio line. Pretty good bite early in the day and esp. after dark.
8/3/2008 Fished with Capt. Brian of Something Catchy Charters,20 plus walleye off Elk Creek.
7/18/2008 Thought we had a somewhat minor distributor promblem today that turned out to be a blown motor. Will have a new motor in place and running by 15 August.
7/13/2008 Fished from Walnut to the Condo's from Friday to Sunday in 60 fow. A little slow Friday and Saturday but a great bite returned Sunday with several large ones.
7/6/2008 Spent most of the last 3 days fishing from Elk Creek to the Ohio line in the 58-62 foot range with good numbers and a few large ones. Also we caught our first 2 Steelhead of the year this weekend.
6/29/2008 Slow bite today, hooked 12, landed 8.A great time was had by all, which is what fishing is all about anyway.
6/28/2008 Fished 62 -65 feet off Elk creek today. Calm to 4-6 foot back to calm. 20 walleye, 4 over 8 pounds.
6/26/2008 Fished from 20 June to 24 June,5 trips total,limits to near limits each day.Seems fish are a little deeper each day.We caught them from the point to near the Ohio line.Alot of fish off the planer boards.
6/15/2008 Took my parents out today for Father's day and to load the freezer a little.Not as good as Saturday,same area but alot of boat traffic.
6/14/2008 Got the boat back after repairs for a siezed outdrive.Walnut to Trout Run,4 limits of eyes in a few hours,feels great to be back in business.
10/6/2007 Fished off Elk Creek in the first trench today in summerlike conditions.Landed18 steelhead and 9 walleyes.Problably the last trip of the year.
9/30/2007 Took a while to find them,but we crushed the walleye/steelhead off Elk Creek in 75-78 feet of water today.
9/23/2007 Northeast winds really slowed the perching today and we decieded to quit early.
9/17/2007 Fished off the point in 61 feet for perch today.Finished with 75 in the box.
9/16/2007 Really worked hard today for 5 steelies and 6 walleyes.Fished off the point in 78 feet of water.
9/8/2007 Rough day,did a few eyes on the Ohio line.
9/2/2007 Fished from south side to the middle of the 1st trench,walleye bite has returned,nearly 4 limits off dipseys 1 1/2-165 back,3 1/2-210 back.Also 10 steelies,calm water- a great day.
9/1/2007 Fished mid-mountain out of Northeast PA today,110-85 feet.A little slow,4 steelies and 6 walleyes including a 9 lber.A little rough,2-4 with an occ. 5 footer in the afternoon.
8/29/2007 Fished mid-mountain out of Northeast PA 85-105 feet.7 steelhead and 8 walleyes inc.2 over 8 pounds.Quantity is a little low but the quaility is very good.
8/26/2007 Fished off Elk creek from inside 1st trench thru to 2nd trench and back.Slow day,managed 15 eyes and a steelhead but we really had to work for them.We were out for the entire day.
8/25/2007 Fished out of Northeast in 120 foot range NW of the launch.7 eyes and 5 steel.3 of the eyes were over 8 lbs,1 was near 10.Also was a lost steelie estimated to be in the 12-14 pound range,huge fish.If you catch him he has a Jawbreaker M.S. hooked to him.
8/18/2007 Got a late start due to heavy N.E. winds Friday nite.A slow bite to start(1pm)but improved during the evening.Fished northside 1st trench,20 eyes-5 steelies.
8/14/2007 Fished off the point in 77-95 feet.Ran an all spoon program for steelhead.Finished with 15 steelies and also 8 walleye.
8/13/2007 Fished every day last week and limited on the eyes every day.Also getting 5-10 steelhead per trip.Fishing is outstanding 62-75 feet from Clay Banks to the Ohio line.
8/6/2007 Limits of walleyes plus a few steelhead all week off the condo's to Walnut.
7/29/2007 13 steelies plus 3 eyes before being blown off the lake.Same setup as Saturday.We took quite a few 8 footers over the bow.
7/28/2007 Alot of steelies offshore today.Small stingers 150 back on on a 3 1/2 setting.Various off the riggers.35 hook ups plus 10 eyes.
7/22/2007 After a rough start with the school fish we headed offshore from the beaches in 77-82 feet of water and caught several good-sized walleye and a few steelies including a 13 pound 31 inch hog.
7/21/2007 After having to cancel the last 2 days due to inclimate weather we fished a good walleye bite from the condo's to the lighthouse.Alot of boat traffic and rough fish as well.
7/15/2007 Fished from the point to Shades beach,55-45 feet.A LOT of rough fish with a few eyes mixed in.Made a move offshore to the tip and around the backside of the mountain 68-72 feet and got into some nice walleyes and 2 steelhead.
7/14/2007 High winds and rough seas forced us nearshore near the Virginias beach area.Managed some eyes but a lot of rough fish.
7/8/2007 Fished between 65-77 foot NW of Walnut the past 2 days.Caught decent numbers but very good size,esp Saturday,10#,9# 81/2#.Sunday got a little rough in the P.M.Book em' Dano!
7/1/2007 After a bad start,Captain broke a couple toes at the dock,we fished deeper today,72-50 feet.Northeast winds built waves to 3-5 foot at one point.Had a good day all things considered,10 eyes and 6 steelhead.
6/30/2007 Started the day in 35-40 feet for walleyes and finished in 53-62.Finished ith 17 walleyes and a ton of silver bass and sheepshead.
6/24/2007 One of the better days the Loco-Loco has ever had.6 8#eyes,plus several steelies,one was 10#.20eyes and 10 steelie hook-ups.Same basic tactics in 58-64 ft of water.
6/23/2007 2 trips today,21 eyes in 58-62 foot off Elk,several larger ones plus a few steelies.Great success!!Happy times!!
6/17/2007 Fished from the Lighthouse to the Point today.Back to limits with the walleye plus 12 plus hookups on the steelhead.54-60 ft.
6/16/2007 Fished from Walnut to Elk today.30-55 feet.Walleye fishing was a little slow today.Managed 10 eyes and a few steelies.Several of the eyes were on the larger size though 7#+.
6/11/2007 112 walleyes over the past 3 days,fishing is phenominal in the 30 foot ranges from the point to the Ohio line.
6/2/2007 The walleye bite between Walnut and the Ohio line is geting good.The keys seem to be an early start and jet divers off the boards.By 10 am the action really seems to slow.This happened both days.
5/28/2007 Landed 4 lakers off Northeast Pa,hooked 6.Fished the backside of the mountain,62-70 feet.riggers off the bottom,big dipseys 31/2 setting 125 back.Nk 28 lites were productive.
5/19/2007 First charter of the year.Fished off Northeast PA for Lake Trout.Although the laker fishing was slow 3 eight pound plus walleyes saved the trip.60-62 feet was productive.
4/29/2007 Fished out of Northeast PA today for Lake Trout.Managed 2 off the riggers in front of 16-mile creek.The fish hit Nk-28's
4/22/2007 First trip of the year.Caught some steelies in the bay.
9/23/2006 Trolled the creek mouths today for steelies.A little slow.Fishing should improve with cooler nites and rain.
9/17/2006 Fished off Walnut Creek in the 60 foot range for perch. Caught 180 perch in 2 hours. Trolled up a half dozen eyes and 1 steelhead later. 7 year old Kevin had a blast.
9/16/2006 Fished in the 72-75 foot range off of Elk Creek. Decent walleye fishing plus one steelhead.
9/11/2006 Heavy east northeast winds slowed fishing. On the brighter side the Loco-Loco had her first female celebrity on board,Vicki Lawrence.
9/9/2006 After waiting out some some thunderstorms, we limited in the same area as 8-Sept. with the same tactics.
9/8/2006 Walleye fishing has returned to normal, 4 limits mostly off planer boards with #30 jet divers.
9/4/2006 Still a little slow, may take few days to get back to normal.
9/3/2006 Slow day, the lake turned over due to heavy northeast winds on 2 September.
8/26/2006 Same area as Friday,same tactics, added butter to spoons and rigger balls.4 eyes over 7 pounds today with the largest being 10 1/2 pounds.12 steelhead-mostly off the rigs.Blue puke stinger spoon continues to catch fish.East -northeast wind,same as Friday.
8/25/2006 Fished just inside the first trench,74-68 feet Trout Run to Elk Creek .30 +walleyes 3 steelhead w/ a lot of large sheepshead. Most fish were caught off Lg dipseys,140-160 bk,3 setting.
8/20/2006 High wind and waves forced a cancellation of today's trip.
8/19/2006 Fished in 72-75 fow,walnut to elk.10 steelhead,14 eyes.3 of the eyes were over 7 #'s. Well worth fishing in the rain.
8/14/2006 Rough day, 4-6 foot at one point.Started at same areas as recent.Some steelies,1 8#walleye.Trolled halfway up penisula,again some steelies.Made a move to 28-32 feet, Godfrey Run to Walnut and nearly limited on the eyes.8 steelies,20 eyes,7 perch.
8/13/2006 Fished same areas as 12-Aug.58-75 fow.11 steelhead,1 coho,18 eyes 5 perch.Marshall and Keith were runners-up to Dan's special Loco-Loco F.S of the year award.Congrats Dan!!
8/12/2006 Fished Walnut to Elk today,58-65 feet.30 walleyes,4 steelhead,5 perch.Same tactics
8/5/2006 Probably the best trip of the year. 42 eyes by 9:30 am. Finished the day off in deeper water catching 2 steelies and a lake trout.
7/31/2006 Walleye fishing remains outstanding.In the past 3 days we have boated 90 walleyes.
7/30/2006 5 limits by noon.Ex-Miami football Dolphin great George Little is first official celebrity aboard the Loco-Loco.
7/24/2006 Caught 32 eyes,kept 24 by 10:30 am. Perch fishing was a little slow.
7/23/2006 Great day on the water.Walleyes are still cooperating.Highlight of the day was a psychotic steelhead who decieded to swim into the prop after realease.We also encountered several waterspouts.
7/22/2006 Unfortunately todays trip had to be cancelled due to 4-6 foot waves from the northeast.
7/16/2006 Same area as yesterday,same results.Caught 28 eyes kept 24 by 10 am.
7/15/2006 Fished north of Walnut in 52-62 feet of water and had a 5 person limit by noon.Same tactics as previous trips.
7/11/2006 We experienced a little of everything Erie has to offer today,rain,wind,t-storm,sun,waves,flat,ect,ect.Still managed nearly 3 limits of eyes.
7/10/2006 Same as 9 July.Great walleye fishing continues.
7/9/2006 Another great day.4 limits of eyes,3 steelhead,and aprox.50 perch.
7/3/2006 Fished a little bit deeper today,60 feet,20 walleyes caught including 3 over 8 pounds.
7/1/2006 Fished between Walnut and Trout today,pretty much the same setup 32 eyes caught,24 kept.Great fishing continues.
6/24/2006 18 eyes today.finished off the day with 60 perch.
6/18/2006 Fished in the same area as 6-17,3 limits by noon.Largest eye was 8 1/4 pounds.Best walleye fishing in years
6/17/2006 Fished north of Walnut today.Caught 4 limits by noon.Multiple hook-ups were common.Walleyes were a little on the smaller size,16-24 inches,but very numerous.
6/11/2006 Fished between Walnut and Trout today,20-33 feetof water.We were kept pretty busy by the eyes.Best baits were stinger spoons behind a #20 jet diver trolled with an in-line board.Walleye fishing is definitly picking up.
6/3/2006 Caught some nice-sized lakers in 92 feet of water.This is problably my last laker trip of the year as I plan to start fishing for perch/walleye for the forseeable future.
5/31/2006 Lake Trout fishing has slowed somewhat,however the walleye/perch fishing is starting to improve.Fishing should continue to improve with continued warm weather.
5/25/2006 Winds and large waves combined to shut down fishing this weekend.Memorial day weekend is forecast favorably,hopefully the lakers will cooperate.
5/13/2006 Another good day of laker fishing.Fish were caught in 58-60 feet of water with nk 28 spoons fished off the riggers with duster balls.
5/6/2006 Lake Trout fishing out of Northeast PA is heating up. After waiting a few hours for some 5-6 foot waves to subside, we eventually got in some action. Highlight of the trip was a 37", 22 pound laker caught by Dave Krapp of New Ken.
4/23/2006 After an early morning thunderstorm, we trailered to Northeast PA to fish for Lake Trout. We only got a little over 3 hours of fishing in but did manage to land a nice 21 pound laker, as well as lose another due to a rusty netman!