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* Fishing trips available 7 days a week from May through October *



Trip and Pricing Information


Fishing Charters offers a variety of fishing trips to take advantage of the best fishing action on Lake Erie.  Fishing techniques include trolling, drifting or anchoring, depending on  what's hitting.  The optimal group size for the most action is 4 persons, however we can also accommodate 5 without a problem.



Full Day Trip


 Half Day Trip


Full day trips last 8 hours from dock-out to dock-in or limit-out.

Trips start at 6:00 a.m.


Half-day trips last 5 hours from dock-out to dock-in or limit-out.

Half day trips are limited to evening trips and for Fall Steelhead.





Available Fishing Trips


   Lake Trout
Mid-April thru Early June

(Full Day)

1-4 people:
25' Boat: $600
27' Boat: $625

5 people:
25' or 27' Boat: $750





June thru October
(Full Day)
1-4 people:
25' Boat: $600
27' Boat: $625

5 people:
25' or 27' Boat: $750

(Evening - Half Day)
$500 for 1-4 people;
$650 for 5 people




June thru October
(Trip Length Varies)
$450 for 1-6 people


July thru August
(Full Day)
$750 for 1-5 people

Fall Steelhead Special
September thru October
(Near Shore)
1-5 people
$400 Half Day
$500 Full Day


  Fly Fishing
Guided Steelhead Tours

Winter Tours
$225 for 1 person
$75 each additional

(No prior fly fishing experience required)



Note:  Loco-Loco pricing remains competitive, however is subject to
change without notice based on general economic conditions.


Deposit and Reservation Policy

  • A $200 deposit is required per reservation.  All remaining balances are due IN CASH at the time of departure.

  • The Captain will wait for up to one hour past your planned departure time for all trip guests to arrive at the designated meeting point.  After one hour, the trip will either proceed without the missing guests or will be cancelled  (with your deposit forfeited).

  • Cancellations due to bad weather are at the sole discretion of the captain.  The Captainís word is final.  If a cancellation must be made, another mutual date will be scheduled or refund given.

  • For your boating and fishing safety, the Captain may delay your departure up to 2 hours due to lake and/or weather conditions.

  • Clients must cancel 1 month prior to the scheduled trip date in order to receive a full refund of deposit.