What should you bring with you on your trip?
  • A cooler for your catch (to be kept in your vehicle)
  • A small cooler to be brought on board with food/drink
  • Camera/camcorder
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Soft-soled shoes
  • Hat
  • Motion sickness remedies
  • A valid fishing license and photo ID
  • Light jacket/windbreaker
Where do we go on our trip day?
  • Loco Loco launches out of Conneaut Harbor in the summer, Lampey Marina in the spring, and Walnut Creek in the fall.
  • The Captain will identify a mutual meeting location in close proximity to the planned launch point or will instruct you to meet him at the designated launch marina. Get driving directions to common meeting points on our Directions web page.
  • You should arrive at the meeting point approximately one hour prior to your planned departure time.
  • The Captain will wait for up to one hour past your planned departure time for all trip guests to arrive at the meeting point. After one hour, the trip will either proceed without the missing guests or will be cancelled (with your deposit forfeited).
Do I need to bring any fishing equipment?

No, all fishing equipment including rods, reels, tackle and bait are provided at no extra cost on board the boat. We carry only the finest equipment available and are well stocked with a variety of options for virtually every fishing condition.

Is food and drink provided?

No, you must bring your own foot and drink. It is suggested one common cooler be used for all guests. Sandwiches, chips, finger foods, crackers, cookies and snacks are typically brought by our guests.

May we bring alcohol on the boat?

Yes, beer and wine is allowed, however hard liquor is not permitted. Canned beverages are preferred over bottles due to the possibility of breakage on the boat. Only guests of legal drinking age may drink alcohol, and absolutely no illegal substances of any kind are allowed on the boat.

How many persons may we bring along?

In compliance with the U.S. Coast Guard and insurance regulations, we may carry a maximum of six (6) guests.

Is there an age limit allowed on the boat?

There is no age limit for guests, however children under 5 years of age may not enjoy the trip due to motion and limited facilities. It is suggested that children under 10 years old be accompanied by an adult on a one-on-one basis in order to get the most out of the trip. Life jackets are on board for both adults and children.

How far do we go offshore?

In order to insure the most fishing time, the Captain monitors current fishing ‘hot spots’ on the lake and can recommend the best fishing locations accordingly. Typical walleye and steelhead trips will go out on the lake 8-12 miles, while perch and late fall steelhead trips will stay closer to shore.

What if the weather is bad on our trip date?

The Captain actively monitors weather conditions in the days leading up to your planned trip. If upcoming weather forecasts appear to be unfavorable, the Captain will contact you and recommend a rescheduling of your trip. If the weather is questionable, the Captain will notify you with an ‘alert’ and discuss the options to either remain on standby or to reschedule. If the weather on the morning of your trip day is unfavorable, the Captain will either delay the departure for up to 2 hours or will recommend rescheduling the trip for another mutual day.